Research agenda

I love to think about literature in a historicized way that criss-crosses genres and even disciplines. My research concentrates on making connections among literature, music and other aspects of Victorian life, including liberalism; sociability; women's culture; identities of class and ethnicity; and discourses of science (e.g., evolutionary biology, mesmerism, multiple consciousness, group management, and theories of memory and identity). The result is a sense of nineteenth-century British poetry, fictional and non-fictional prose, opera and life writing as partaking in a richly interactive intellectual and cultural history. I consider innovations in style and technique as crucial to that literary content.

My scholarly program thus engages with diversities of form and identity. In terms of the latter, I have an ongoing curiousity about nineteenth-century power structures that pay attention to marginalized peoples. To communicate this rich variety, my work takes the form of both traditional print publication and open access digital resources.


Tennyson, The Princess